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Heartwarming Mini Schnoodle Puppy Stories - Real Reviews from Delighted Customers

Mercedes & Ky

My young daughter had been asking for a puppy ever since she could utter a word. We promised her one when she turned 7 in order to give us time to get used to the idea since my husband and I were not ready for one and hadn't ever had one together. This year my 7-year-old daughter approached us and reminded us that she would soon turn 8 and that we had run out of time to "think about it". It was truly a miracle because around that time I found Katie and her Schnoodles by random luck. I felt at peace to have found someone who truly cares for their puppies and has so much love for each of them. Katie gave us all of the information about her puppies, was incredibly responsive and attentive to any questions we had, and provided us with videos, photos, and video chat calls to see the puppies in real time. We fell in love with Missy from the moment we saw her photo.

Katie listened attentively as we explained what we were looking for in a puppy as far as temperament etc. She directed us to the puppy we had already all fallen for! We have now had Missy for over 3 weeks and she is exactly what we were looking for. This puppy is healthy, playful, social, and loving. I never saw myself saying this but having her in our lives has made our family complete. I am so grateful for Katie. She made this process incredibly seamless, flew with Missy delivered her to us in the most caring way, and demonstrated her love for her puppies. Her professionalism is top-notch and evident throughout the entire process. Katie had a beautiful presentation for us when she arrived with Missy and had her portfolio put together with all of the documents including a photo of Missy and her parents. Her attention to detail and personal touch has shown us how seriously she takes the well-being of each of her puppies.

Missy has also been very easy to house train. She goes outside as soon as we utter the words "go potty". Katie provided us with recommendations for the entire potty-training process and all of the supplies we need for Missy as well as a document she put together with how to train your puppy. We have followed it and it has been very successful! She loves her home, she is incredibly smart and follows directions, she is so playful and loving. I truly believe that Missy is the way she is because of all the love, care, and training Katie provided her long before she came to us. This week we took Missy for her first checkup with the vet and she passed with flying colors. Everyone at the vet clinic was in love with this sweet, adorable puppy. I highly recommend Katie and her Schnoodles for anyone looking for their dream puppy!

Elaine O'Brien

We got Rocky and he is simply gorgeous, sweet, and has a fun-loving temperament. You can tell that these pups are loved from the day that they are born. They are around children and are prepared to be the perfect companion. Thank you for our little boy!

Samuel Harmon

We recently welcomed Oreo into our family, and we decided to keep his name because it perfectly matches his coat. With our daughter's fur allergies, finding the right dog was crucial, and Oreo has been a perfect fit. Watching the joy on our kids' faces as they bonded with their new family member has been an incredibly special experience.

A heartfelt thank you to Katie Jensen for helping us bring this cute, loving, and well-mannered Schnoodle into our lives. It's clear that Schnoodles are on of the best breeds out there, and we're grateful to have Oreo as a cherished member of our family.

Trisha Vander Wilt

After losing my 16-year-old Schnoodle, I debated getting another one. However, after a few weeks, I realized my 2-year-old Schnoodle missed her sister and needed a companion. While searching, all my inquiries felt very transactional. My sister stepped in to help and discovered Schnoodle Pups. She reached out to Katie, who was very responsive in answering our questions. Katie then offered to do a video call with me to meet the puppies. Katie was kind and genuine; you could truly tell she cared about her puppies. She was helpful throughout the process and kept me informed until the pickup date. Meeting Katie and some of her family in person was great - you could see their compassion towards their pups. I also met the parents of the litter, and Katie provided a puppy take-home bag. Mabel (Cinnamon) has been a wonderful addition, getting along well with everyone. Her personality is exactly how Katie described her on our first call - playful, adventurous, and snuggles in when it's rest time. I am grateful to have found Schnoodle Pups and welcome Mabel to our family.

Laura Bira

Working with Katie has been such an amazing experience. Her knowledge of breeding and Schnoodles is just outstanding. Honey is a happy and healthy little girl and we are already teaching her basic obedience skills. We are so excited to have Honey and are looking forward to a lifetime with her. We definitely recommend Katie and Schnoodle Pups LLC!

Peggy Mange’s

Katie is amazing to work with. Our Maya has made a fabulous addition to our family. She’s got the most amazing personality and just beautiful. Thank you, Katie!!!!!

Lorena & Omar

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