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The Jensen Family - Family of 13

Meet the Jensen family, a close-knit clan of 13 with a shared love for dogs and a passion for breeding exceptional Miniature Schnoodle puppies. At the heart of Schnoodle Pups LLC is Katie Jensen, our dedicated breeder and the driving force behind our family-run business.

Passion Rooted in Love

Katie's love for dogs runs deep, shaping her journey into the world of breeding. Her passion isn't just about producing puppies; it's about creating lifelong bonds between families and their four-legged companions. Katie understands the profound joy that a well-bred Schnoodle can bring to a home, and she's dedicated her life to sharing that joy with others.

Why Schnoodle Pups LLC?

  1. Health as Priority: Katie believes that health is the foundation of happiness. She meticulously selects breeding pairs with a focus on genetic health and conducts rigorous health checks to ensure that each puppy is a picture of vitality. Her commitment to breeding the healthiest Schnoodle puppies is unparalleled.

  2. Socialization Expertise: Katie understands that a happy Schnoodle is a social Schnoodle. She invests considerable time and effort in socializing her puppies with both people and animals from an early age. This ensures that your Schnoodle is not just a pet but a beloved family member who thrives in various environments.

  3. Training Excellence: What sets our Schnoodle puppies apart is their exceptional training. Katie's expertise extends to basic potty training, and basic commands. Your puppy arrives ready to embrace your guidance and become a well-behaved member of your family.

  4. Well-Structured Breeding Program: Katie's breeding program is a testament to her commitment to excellence. She carefully selects parent dogs with ideal temperaments, personalities, and genetics to produce Schnoodle puppies that are known for their superb temperament, intelligence, and adaptability.

  5. Continual Learning: Katie's passion for breeding extends to a commitment to continual learning. She stays updated on the latest advancements in dog care, training techniques, and breeding practices to ensure that Schnoodle Pups LLC remains a source of excellence.

  6. Family Values: As a mother of 11 children and a devoted wife, Katie understands the importance of family. She raises her puppies in a loving, family-oriented environment, imbuing them with the same values of love, loyalty, and companionship.

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