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Schnoodle Pups offers 3 different studs as a service. Our studs have a clean pedigree and strong history of good health.


Prince is our chocolate F1 Miniature Schnoodle. He is 2 years old. He is a magnificent and proud father, having already produced two exceptional and healthy puppy litters. His striking appearance, with a beautiful chocolate-colored coat and endearing eyes, captures the hearts of all who lay eyes on him. Prince's gentle and affectionate nature makes him the perfect companion for families, as he effortlessly bonds with both adults and children alike. His intelligent and playful demeanor ensures that he brings endless joy and entertainment to any household lucky enough to call him their own. With his impressive lineage and proven ability to produce healthy offspring, Prince is a testament to the exceptional qualities of the Schnoodle breed. His influence and legacy in the world of dog breeding continue to grow, as his charming personality and exquisite physical traits are passed down through his precious puppies.


Baloo is a beautiful 11lb, 3-year-old toy poodle with an apricot coat. He is one of our handsome studs, and we are proud to have him as part of our breeding program. He is an obedient dog. His friendly, respectful and loyal nature makes him a joy to be around, and his stunning appearance makes him a popular choice for breeding. We take great pride in caring for Baloo and ensuring that he is healthy and happy, so that he can pass on his wonderful traits to future generations of poodles. We look forward to seeing the adorable puppies that Baloo will father, and we know that he will continue to be a beloved member of our poodle family for many years to come.


Oreo is an F1b Miniature Schnoodle. He has the softest most beautiful black and white parti coat. He is 1-year-old. He is known for his loving and loyal nature, making him a great companion. His gentle and affectionate personality is sure to make him an excellent parent to produce beautiful and loving puppies. With his striking appearance and wonderful temperament, Oreo is a highly sought after choice for breeding. His unique coloring and sweet disposition make him an ideal choice for those looking to add a loving and charming schnoodle to their family.

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Welcome to our dog breeding stud page featuring Prince, Oreo, and Baloo. Our stud fee is $500 with a flat $500 fee for transportation. We offer local in person and virtual services.


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